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Shredder Types

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FAQ / Technical Support

A copy of original proof of purchase must be submitted for any Warranty Service and defective unit must be shipped, prepaid, for any service or replacement. Please call 866-377-4771 for Warranty/Replacement information.

No Power

  • Be sure AC power cord is properly plugged in.
  • Be sure shredder head is properly seated onto shredder.
  • Be sure wastebasket is properly positioned into housing.
  • Be sure unit is in AUTO/ON position. Unit will shred when paper is inserted and trigger or light-sensor is activated.

“Door Open” light

  • Be sure wastebasket is properly positioned into housing.
  • Be sure that Safety Interlock Tab is not broken. If it is broken, please call 866-377-4771 for a replacement Tab, or basket, if necessary.

Paper Jam

  • Move switch or push button to REV, pulling paper carefully out.
  • Alternate AUTO/ON and REV for stubborn jam.
  • Tear paper at throat and try alternate AUTO/ON and REVERSE.
  • For LCD models, turn unit OFF, then AUTO/ON again to help clear paper in throat.

Model Number

  • Model Number: The model number can be found on top or rear of the shredder head or on the box.


  • Shredder lubricant is important to maintain the life of your shredder. Available as bottled oil or packaged in single use lubricant sheets and is sold at Staples®, Office Max®, Office Depot® and most retailers that sell shredders. Or you can order on this website as well.
How To Use:
  • It is recommended that the shredder should be lubricated at least twice per month or after 30 minutes of shredding.
  • You apply the bottled lubricant by applying a line of the lubricant across the width of a piece of paper you want to shred and then feeding the paper through the shredder. NEVER apply lubricant directly onto blades or motor.
  • Be sure to run the shredder in reverse for 10 seconds to ensure maximum performance.

Lubricant Sheets

  • Use one sheet at a time, alternating left and right side of paper throat.
  • LCD: Maintain/Lubricate – press and hold MAINTAIN or RESET button for 7 seconds to clear LCD display.
  • Never use aerosols, especially WD-40 or similar, to lubricate cutter blades. Such aerosols are highly flammable.

Maintain/Lubricate Flashing on LCD

  • On LCD, the MAINTAIN/RESET icon flashes continuously – press and hold MAINTAIN or RESET button for 7 seconds to clear LCD display.

Reverse Mode

  • Should only be used in the event of a paper jam to dislodge paper by feeding it out in reverse.
  • Reverse Mode will begin running as soon as it is switched to the reverse setting.

Auto Mode

  • Will only activate when paper is being fed through paper throat.
  • This is a safety precaution as well as giving the user as much shredding time as possible without over-heating the motor.
  • Do not leave the shredder unattended in the Auto position.
  • Be sure to turn your shredder to the OFF position before you walk away.
  • WARNING: Never let a child operate a shredder.

Continuous Running-Time

  • Most home office shredders have the 2 minute/4 minute rule.
  • The shredder should only run for 2 minutes “continuously” shredding paper, and then the shredder should be allowed to rest (Power OFF) for 4 minutes.

Staples / Paperclips

  • The lightweight standard type of staples are okay to run through the shredder but should be removed whenever possible to prolong the life of the shredder.
  • It is recommended that paperclips ALWAYS be removed from papers before running through the shredder. This will prolong the life of the shredder and blades.

Waste Liner or Plastic Bag

  • A plastic bag or liner is NOT recommended when using most shredders because most shredders have a safety mechanism (safety interlock switch/tab) that must be activated by the basket. Using a plastic bag in the basket could interfere with the safety interlock switch/tab being engaged.

Shredding Envelopes

  • We recommend that envelopes not be passed through the shredder because the glue that seals them is sticky and could gum up the blades increasing the likelihood of paper jams and/or blade damage.
  • Sticky substances (such as self-adhesive labels) should not pass through the shredder for the same reason.

Shredder does not work in AUTO or REVERSE

  • First of all, make sure the shredder is sitting properly on the basket, and that the wastebasket is properly placed into the housing.
  • Most models of shredders have a safety interlock switch that is activated by the basket.
  • If it is not sitting properly, the entire unit will not run.
  • Make sure your power outlet is working properly.
  • If your shredder continues not to run, please call 866-377-4771 for further assistance.

Diamond-Cut® Shredding

  • Diamond-Cut® is a revolutionary, patented shredding technology that diagonally cuts paper into pieces that are “diamond” in shape and more difficult to re-assemble.
  • The shredded paper waste lays flatter (than both crosscut or strip cut waste) so you empty the basket less frequently.

Crosscut Shredding

  • Crosscut technology provides better security by cutting paper vertically and horizontally into confetti-like pieces.
  • The shredded paper compresses better so you empty the basket less frequently.

Strip Cut Shredding

  • Also known as “straight-cut” or “spaghetti-cut”, slices the paper into long, thin strips.
  • Strip-cut shredders generally handle a higher volume of paper with lower maintenance requirements.
  • Shred size may vary from 1/8 to 1/2 inch.
  • They provide greater sheet capacity (per pass) at lower cost.